Old traditions, picturesque nature and warm-hearthed local people make this tiny island in the Baltic Sea to really stand out. Also, did you know that Muhu has one of the oldest churches in Estonia - St. Catherine's church? Or that Muhu has a working traditional wooden windmill and extremely colourful traditional clothes that have famous Muhu pattern on them? Muhu is also a home to a popular Muhu Future Music Festival Juu Jääb, to Estonia's biggest and oldest ostrich farm and to the only 5 star hotel in Estonia outside of Tallinn – Pädaste.

Muhu is a great holiday destination, combining culture, nature, luxury and relaxation and all that in a peaceful and quiet environment. Muhu is an ideal place for many activities, for example camping and riding a horse.

Liiva village, Muhu parish
94701, Saare county
Phone: +372 5855 5020
Open June to August: Tue. - Sun. 9.00–17.00